FBI Most Wanted UK - Michael Chappell Accountant - Royal Bahamas Police Force Case

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case - Largest Offshore Tax Evasion Organised Criminal Conspiracy and Corruption Case - $ One Billion Dollars
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Friday, 9 January 2009

NSA Fort Meade Carroll County - OVERARCH - FBI Most Wanted UK - Carroll Maryland Trust - U.S. Economic National Security Public Interests Case

NSA Carroll County FBI Gerald Carroll National Security Case:
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  1. REMEMBER THIS: In 2008 Jon Roberts confessed that he and Ricky Prado murdered Richard Schwartz who was the stepson of legendary mobster Meyer Lansky. Ricky Prado later joined the CIA in 1982 And his name became Enrique "Ricky" Prado and he obtained the rank SIS-2 an equivalent of a 2 star general, Prado ran the "targeted assassination unit" first at the CIA then at BLACKWATER where he was vice president from 2004 to 2008. Enrique Prado worked closely with J. Cofer Black who is now a top adviser to none other than Mitt Romeny, the question begs to be asked; why would Mitt Romeny, a supposedly legit business man need the services of contract killers? Did any of the various corporate entities executives that Mitt Romeny raided and stripped of cash and pension funds die under suspicious circumstances???
    The Federal insurance corporation was forced into a bail out of the pension funds that were misapplied by Mitt Romeny's Bain Corporation to the tune of approximately 44 million dollars, some of which are undoubtedly still held in an off shore account.